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Stuart C. Irby Company - A Career For You

Are you looking for a challenging career that will provide competitive pay and great benefits, variety in your work - not the same old routine, and a chance to learn the business and grow with the company? Electrical distribution, a behind-the-scenes industry, may be just what you're looking for and one of the best-kept secrets around.

Electrical distributors are the lifeline between manufacturers - who make the products that perform essential functions - and the engineers, architects, contractors, installers and service people responsible for getting these products into reliable operation all over the United States and the rest of the world.

You'll discover even more opportunities as you grow and develop in your new career. The products and services electrical distributors provide touch every facet of life from hospitals, schools and office buildings to coal mines, steel mills and auto factories.

The twentieth century has been an era of growth in the southern United States - growth in population, growth in business and industry, and growth in energy production. Stuart C. Irby Company, in business since 1926, has played a vital role in this remarkable economic emergence of the American South and the continued growth of the electrical distribution industry. You can participate in this growth through Stuart C. Irby Company.


Applicants should mail or fax resumes to:
Stuart C. Irby Company
Attn: Human Resource Department
P.O. Box 1819
Jackson, MS 39215-1819
(Fax) 601-960-4297
Or send email

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