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Automation Services

Today, you're expected to do more with less. To help meet your key performance indicators and profitability goals, a proven game plan is key.

Excess spares, unmanaged storerooms, and inefficient MRO processes make it a challenge to establish a stable production environment and maintenance budget. To help you improve your MRO process management, we offer the Rockwell Automation Asset Management ProgramTM

With Rockwell Automation, you can identify the people, process and equipment issues that are hindering your production performance in every aspect of your operations. From manufacturing automation to information solutions, our consultants have the hands-on manufacturing experience and technical knowledge to provide you with more than just recommendations - you'll receive comprehensive, objective information about problem areas that are reducing your efficiency and increasing your costs.

Quality Design and Fabrication

Rockwell panels are built to the highest International Standards, from design right through to construction and testing. This ensures a consistent, high quality product each and every time. The use of our extensive CAD facilities for all panel designs allows us to preview the panel layout at all stages of the design process and quickly and easily implement any changes.

Training When and Where You Need It

Superior tools and technology are the building blocks of success in today's manufacturing operations. Rockwell Automation offers a variety of self-paced training options that allow you to expand and retain your automation skills. Certificate Programs offer professional education to help you develop and apply your technical skills and knowledge to your plant systems to improve quality, efficiency, and productivity. In today's business environment you want to equip your employees with the skills and knowledge they need to maximize their performance - creating more value to your company and a motivated workforce.

Repair Services

As maintenance and capital investment budgets continue to shrink, many manufacturers are beginning to recognize the value of repairing existing assets that malfunction or fail. Rockwell Automation offers cost-effective repair services and a network of global repair hubs to help you extend the useful lifecycle of your automation equipment. Made by Anyone. Repaired by us.

Rockwell Automation is your trusted repair partner, offering a full suite of repair capabilities, including remanufacturing, exchange, parts management, renewal parts and support services. Not only are we your source for products manufactured by Rockwell Automation, we can provide you with comprehensive repair services for over 200,000 products from 7000+ manufacturers.