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Energy Solutions

Irby has made a commitment to offer the most comprehensive Energy Solutions across its entire Commercial, Industrial and Utility footprint.

We have a team of Energy Specialists ready to serve our customers with on-site expertise to help organizations reach their goals. Energy saving opportunities exists within every customer, and we are here to help identify and maximize the potential. Our team can perform thorough on-site audits of your facilities and can also help with design of new projects and additions. An upgrade to become more energy efficient requires a commitment from the customer and an investment of time and financial resources. We are here to make sure the choices made are the optimal for best returns.

Meet our Energy Solutions Team

Irby Energy Solutions Experience

With more than 30 years in the lighting industry, our specialists bring a wealth of knowledge regarding almost any lighting application.

  • NCQLP-LC Certified Specialist
  • American Lighting Association - Lighting Specialist
  • Member Illuminating Engineers Society, North America

Lighting Design/Application

We uniquely understand the need for product and performance and can make recommendations that incorporate appropriate solutions whether based on utility standards or customer accommodation.

  • Layout/Design Service
  • Application Assistance
  • Product Selection
  • Lighting Audits Available

Training/Technical Support

We want to save you time and money and our training classes can be that ounce of prevention you need!

  • On-site Training Seminars Available
  • LED Seminars
  • Trouble Shooting Classes
  • Lighting Fundamentals for Utility

Technology, Trends, Legislation

We are here to help and if we don't know the answer you can count on us to go the extra mile to get the information for you.

  • EPAct Regulation
  • LEED Certification
  • IES/IDA Model Lighting Ordinance


Irby Energy Solutions Audit

Building owners are always concerned about upgrading their facilities and decreasing operating costs. The most important facet of reducing operating costs may be upgrading the lighting system. That's because the largest single component of a commercial building's electricity bill is lighting, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

Overall, utility costs are the largest expense per square foot for commercial buildings when compared to cleaning, repairs/maintenance, roads/grounds, security and administration, according to a report published by the Building Operating Managers Association (BOMA), Washington, D.C. BOMA states, "Utility expenses have grown at a rate of 9 cents per square foot since 1999 and are expected to trend upward for many years to come."

Because these operating costs continue to rise, it's important we help our customers with building management responsibilities understand why controlling lighting costs is critical to managing their overall operating costs.

Customized Job Packaging

An Irby Lighting Energy Audit provides extremely valuable information to make smarter financial decisions for your facility. Most lighting professionals rely on lighting energy audit software to perform their audits. QUICKAUDIT, a new software from SYLVANIA, is available through your Irby salesperson to help you conduct a comprehensive lighting energy audit. Irby can help you save money by simply conducting an Irby Lighting Audit.

Lighting and Audit Basics

This highlights some of the most basic factors that audits evaluate.

Fixture count (by type) of every lighting fixture in a facility

  • Room by room
  • Hallways
  • Common space

Fluorescent fixture type analysis

  • Lamps per fixture
  • Existing lamp type
  • Existing ballast type
  • Voltage
  • Are fixtures dimmable?

Incandescent fixture analysis

  • Existing lamp type
  • Existing fixture type
  • Voltage
  • Are fixtures dimmable?

High-intensity discharge (HID)

  • Type and wattage
  • Existing ballast type
  • Does light source fit application?
  • Can the existing system provide energy savings?
  • Task-specific light-level readings

Room specifics

  • Height of ceiling/fixtures
  • Color of floors and walls
  • Length and width of room
  • Open office area with partitions
  • Single use office
  • Occupancy sensors present
  • Hours of operation (may have to use general assumptions for common use area)
  • Room specifics

Financial considerations

  • Cost of electricity (per hour and demand)
  • Existing cost of current products being purchased
  • Do you have the manpower to complete the project?
  • Do you have the capital to complete the project, or is financing required?
  • What are the payback requirements?
  • Would you do the project if the payback warranted it?

Our Energy Solutions Team


Marc Hodges - Director of Energy Solutions:
(c) 601-331-0770
Marc has worked in the industry for over 10 years and has gained knowledge about the products and services working the NYC and Los Angeles markets. For the past 4 years Marc has focused on the industrial market in the Southern region and has helped customers identify significant energy and maintenance savings by upgrading facilities to more energy-efficient products. Marc has a BBA and MBA from the University of Mississippi and currently lives in the Nashville Area. Marc Hodges is Lighting Certified (LC).

Pete Moak – Energy Specialist – MS Area:
(c) 601-331-5129
Pete Moak graduated Utica High School in Utica Ms. Pete has been in the electrical industry since 1999, with experience working with an electrical contractor and distributor. Pete worked as warehouse manager and purchasing manager with an electrical contractor. Pete has experience as a project manager with a distributor and served as quotations manager, profiting in several large projects. Pete has been with Irby for over 2 years and previously worked and negotiated contracts with the medium and large residential contractors, concentrating on lighting and gear. Pete Moak is Lighting Certified (LC).

Shelby Thomas – Energy Specialist – ARK/LA Area:
(c) 501-831-8071
Shelby Thomas is an Energy Specialist serving the Arkansas/Louisiana Region. He works with everyone from small business owners to large Industrial customers to reduce energy costs through lighting efficiencies. Shelby is one of the top trade allies working through CLEAReuslt to get customers incentives on their projects.

Tim Clifton - Energy Specialist - TN Area:
(c) 615-707-1871
Tim is an Energy Specialist serving the Tennessee region. He has over 23 years experience in the industry. He started his career in this industry as Journeyman Electrician in commercial and industrial business with an emphasis on motor controls and automation. Tim has worked with a manufacturer’s rep for over 10 years and has been with Irby for 5 years. Tim also served in the Military in the 416th Engineer Command Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Randall Stockman - Energy Specialist - OKL Area:
(c) 918-510-1853
Randall began his career in the electrical industry working for a lighting manufacturer’s agent, after graduating from Northeastern State University in Tahlequah, OK in 1990. Over the course of his career, Randall has represented Cooper, Hubbell and Lithonia products along with dozens of other quality manufacturers. Randall has been with Irby since 2006, 8 years as a “Project Lighting Specialist” and the remainder as an “Energy Specialist”. Randall is Lighting Certified “LC” and preparing to take the CEM exam, Certified Energy Manager.