EcoStruxure™ Power: What is it?

EcoStruxure™ Power for small and medium noncritical buildings is a technology platform that delivers comprehensive monitoring and control of electrical systems, along with advanced analytics and services – specifically for non-critical commercial and industrial buildings with less than 5000A main service entrance.

The platform also provides significant benefits for you, the electrical contractor, including:

  • A new, recurring revenue stream from connected electrical distribution systems
  • Becoming a more valuable, trusted advisor to building owners, managers and end customers

Also, it provides key benefits for your building owner/manager customers, including:

  • More reliable and more efficient power distribution
  • Increased energy efficiency, leading to reduced operating costs
  • Safe and healthy workplaces and living spaces
  • Maximum uptime for building components and infrastructure
  • A simple, scalable platform that can address a variety of applications

No longer will you complete one job and just move on to the next; your customers may now rely on your services for the life of their buildings.

EcoStruxure Power: How does it work?

EcoStruxure Power for small and medium non-critical buildings uses a three-level architecture.

Level 1: Smart, connected devices

Level 1 is comprised of smart, connected devices including circuit breakers, meters, and sensors that report data on their status to a cloud-based data collection and analysis engine.

Level 2: EcoStruxure facility monitoring platform

Level 2 is a monitoring platform that provides information visualization and insights into energy consumption and asset status for single or multi-site buildings.

Level 3:  EcoStruxure facility analytics engine

Level 3 is a cloud-based tool that uses an advanced analytics engine to inform benchmarking, trend reporting and data analysis, to provide recommendations for predictive and preventative maintenance.

EcoStruxure Power: Putting it all together

As a whole, the EcoStruxure Power small and medium non-critical buildings platform delivers a number of capabilities that will help make you virtually indispensable to your customers, including:

  • Receive instant alerts when issues arise, enabling you to repair problems before they result in damage
  • Get real-time status of all critical assets and loads, to reduce property damage and minimize business interruptions
  • Access and share real-time data for faster troubleshooting and repairs
  • Download preventive maintenance plans and receive task reminders to optimize operations
  • Generate maintenance reports in a single click to document that the job is complete and reduce administrative tasks