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Create saved lists of your favorite products and instantly add them to your shopping cart.

  • Access the items you need most, without needing to search or navigate through the website
  • Create as many lists as you want - for specific projects, locations or for easy reference
  • View product details, 24/7 price and availability, spec sheets and more!
  • Use Lists on both our website and mobile app

There are 2 types of Lists

  • Private Lists are viewable only to you, or anyone who has access to your login
  • Account Lists are shared with all users assigned to your account. Anyone in your company with online access can create/view an Account List.

Create a New List

Creating a new list is easy! Simply select the Add to List button from any product detail, search result or category page. From the pop-up window, you can create a new list with this product, or add it to an existing list.

You can also create a new list directly from the My Lists page. Select the Create List button, type in a name for your list, and choose Account list or Private list. From there, you can quickly add products to the list using part numbers or select the list while navigating the website. From the My Lists page, you can also sort your lists by size, last update, author and type for easy reference.

Edit an Existing List

To view all your available lists, select My Lists from the My Account dropdown of any page on the website, or the Lists icon at the bottom of the mobile app. From this page, you can select the list you would like to edit. You can add or remove products, rename the list, delete it, and more. Additionally, you can duplicate a list, export to Excel, or print it for reference.

Add Products to a Cart from your Lists

To add an entire list to your cart, select Add all products to cart from the List Actions dropdown menu within a List page.

Add individual items to your cart by selecting Add to Cart next to any product within a list.
Note: The quantity shown on the list will transfer to your cart.