Grounds and Jumpers

Irby provides custom grounds and jumpers built and tested to your specifications.

  • Assembly and Testing for Protective Grounds and Mechanical Jumper Sets
  • Custom sets are made to your specifications for Overhead and Underground Distribution, Transmission, Substation or Mechanical work
  • Our repair shops clean and test your grounding sets and replace any parts necessary to keep your sets functioning properly
  • We stock a wide range of cable, clamps and ferrules to insure quick turn-around. We assist you with knowledgeable customer service and follow-up sales to insure each set meets your specific needs
  • Each completed set is identified with an Irby serial part number and date of assembly on all ship tickets or invoices to insure tracking and location of specific parts needed for reorders or replacement parts
  • In an emergency situation or storm response, orders are prioritized and can ship the same day

Custom Grounds Ordering Process

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Custom Jumpers Ordering Process

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