Project Services Group

Bringing the store to you: Irby Project Services

Why go out for supplies when Irby can bring the store to you?

With Irby Job Site Services, we handle materials management, logistics and distribution so you can focus on what you do best: construction and installation. Our construction specialists will consult with you and coordinate the services best suited for your job and job site. Whether you need a trailer on site or simply need quick access to materials waiting in the warehouse, Irby can make it happen.

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Consignment or Cash Flow

Rethink the old ways of materials supply and delivery, when choices were often made because of cash flow management. Now, negotiate long-term pricing to cover the frame of the job. Materials used from the job-site trailers are consignment materials. You don't pay for them until they are used. And you pay the price negotiated.

Customized Job Packaging

Irby Co. has a Customized Job Packaging Department that performs all functions from job takeoff to job site delivery. We can handle any size job and have the experienced personnel to meet your need. Let us prove our VALUE to your company on your next bid.

  • Job takeoff
  • Experienced personnel
  • Product knowledge
  • Material staging
  • Material purchasing
  • Job Site delivery

Utility Contracting Services

Assist contractors with complete job packages. Our Irby Utilities sales team includes a full-time support staff with many years' experience and knowledge of material. Irby is your source for Contractor Services, offering:

  • Job kitting
  • Job takeoffs
  • Job site trailers
  • Scheduled deliveries
  • Pre-construction meeting attendance
  • Engineering liaison
  • Manufacturer on-line capabilities