Warehouse Solutions for the Electrical Industry

Irby Warehouse Solutions Combine Experience, Expertise and Technology

Warehouse operations involve a high level of transactions that demands continued improvement in design, layout, and processes. In Electrical Distribution, Irby has developed an outstanding track record and reputation, not only with its own operations, but as a valued business partner with its customers. We serve directly as a valued process consultant for our clients delivering warehouse consulting and material handling systems integration.

Warehouse Optimization Solutions

Warehouse Evaluation

Irby helps our customers answer the question, What can I do to improve my warehouse operations? We understand the financial, operational and business process challenges our customers face.

Through our extensive Warehouse Optimization Solutions, we take the time to understand the customer to correctly align the potential benefits to warehouse operations/financials and, more importantly, we are experienced in everything from complete warehouse design and operations to simple integrations of new technologies to improve warehouse performance.

Warehouse Design

  • Hardware procurement
  • Installation by experienced racking team
  • Material location system based on customer part number to link to customer procurement system
  • Inventory rationalization to remove waste and reduce duplication of part numbers
  • Usage analyst services to define ordering levels and economic order quantity
  • Ease of ordering through direct EDI services
  • Services are designed based upon unique customer needs choose from  complete warehouse design to simple barcode implementation.
  • Services provided by warehouse professionals.


iASSIST is a storeroom based transaction system using a handheld scanner with software to collect transactions, and an administrative web portal to manage those transactions. iASSIST supports real-time synchronization with our customers ERP systems to provide administrators with up-to-date information regarding their inventory stock.

Scanners are initially configured to operate in one or more storerooms. Transactions are then collected by bar-coded labels or manual entry. When transactions are completed, the scanner will transmit the transactions directly to the web portal where they are made available for administrative tasks. If available, transactions can be sent directly into our customers ERP System or made available to download.

Find out More at the iASSIST Inventory Solution Website or e-mail sales@inventory-assistant.com.

iStock Crib Management Solution

iSTOCK provides a comprehensive process to manage your inventory of electrical MRO products. Our Bar Coded Inventory Management Solution will reduce your inventory investment cost. iSTOCK will enable you to leverage your shelf stock and optimize both consumable and repairable assets

Inventory Profiling

Create a plan for every part and optimize your inventory through a multi-step process involving item classification, inventory availability, and item criticality.

Reduced Obsolete Inventory

Identify obsolete items and create systems to prevent high obsolescence rates.

Reduced Duplicate Items in Inventory

Identify and eliminate duplicate items from inventory by consolidating multiple brands into one common brand.

Increased Standardization

Reduce your number of SKUs, your inventory investment, and your holding costs through our inventory standardization process.

Improved Fill Rates

Improve fill rates by improving order accuracy, focusing on standardization, and coordinating your inventory demands with our inventory stock.

Leveraged Inventory

Stock only what you need by leveraging our inventory and local delivery. Through an inventory usage analysis, opportunities to avoid unnecessary inventory will be identified.

Warehouse Solutions Customer Success Stories - Electrical Warehouse Design

Initially, the customer was challenged with a Warehouse over thirty years old in design and processes. The job involved reconstruction of the building, redesign of the racking systems, installation of the racking/inventory systems, and ultimately integration of our iASSIST technology to aid in managing the warehouse.

Irby worked closely with the Customer to identify the key pieces to help the Customer move from this.......to this!



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