The Rockwell Automation industrial control components deliver proven and predictable performance over the full life of the product, and help you to maximize the efficiency and performance of your machine or factory.


Learn how this infrastructure helps you avoid down-time caused by electrical transients, protect critical networks switches and system interfaces from power failures and helps maintain accurate information flowing to your controller. Rockwell Automation provides a systematic approach that encompasses a wide range of solutions to common problems in these environments.


Expertise, experience, and technologies have established Rockwell Automation as the world leader in industrial safety.

Learn how functional safety solutions for machine, process, and electrical safety applications will help you reduce injuries and costs while improving your productivity.


On-Machine Solutions is a design philosophy that moves the industrial controls and hardware closer to the application or onto the machine.

Learn how this philosophy will help you reduce wiring time, increase uptime and lower costs.


Connected Components combines a simple, powerful control core, a full suite of associated components and a dedicated set of class-leading application development tools.

Learn how Connected Components give you "just enough" control to meet your machine control end customer requirements in the shortest possible time.

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