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What do you want to build today?

TSLOTS is a product offering of Bonnell Aluminum, an aluminum extrusion company that provides stock and custom extrusions, with five extrusion plants across the country as well as cast houses to ensure your supply is protected. TSLOTS offers a large selection of high-quality T-Slotted aluminum extrusions made in the USA. They also offer all the brackets, fasteners, hardware, hinges and stanchions you need to complete your customized modular building kit. If your project calls for custom extrusions, Bonnell can provide that, as well!

The concept behind the T-Slotted aluminum extrusion is to make assembly of structures faster and easier than using welded steel. That is because the main component of the system is the TSLOTS design: Insert a T-Nut and fastener into a T-SLOT and tighten, it’s that simple. No welding or grinding is required. All you need to tighten your TSLOTS design is a few hand tools.

When you are done you have a durable, strong, lightweight structure that’s functional and attractive. The high-strength extruded aluminum profiles have an anodized surface that is scratch and corrosion resistant. Your structure never needs painting and is maintenance free!


TSLOTS™ Industrial Light Bar, utilizes advanced LED lighting technology providing high-quality and maintenance-free industrial lighting solutions that will last for years.

  • High brightness with an even light output for a no-glare glow.
  • Eye shields to eliminate visual strain and glare.
  • Robust metal housing, shatterproof light cover and easy installation.
  • Ideal for work stations, machine lighting, control cabinets and manufacturing lines.
  • We offer our LED Lights in 2’, 3’ and 4’ lengths.
  • Lights are easy to install onto TSLOTS™ extrusions.
  • Improves visibility and safety in a workplace or on a machine.
  • In stock for immediate shipping.


Sketch the footprint of the guarding complete with dimensions and doors.

Consult with the TSLOTS distributor to determine which panels will work best for your needs.

Once your order arrives, connect the pre-fabricated panels using the included hardware, and fasten to the floor.


Get more information on TSLOTS By Bonnell Aluminum by contacting your sales rep or local branch.